Where is your jewelry made?

We have been making jewelry in Cold Spring, NY for over 30 years


What if my ring doesn’t fit?

We offer one complimentary resizing per ring within 30 days of the original ship date of your purchase. Rings that have been customized, engraved, or are eternity rings may have a sizing fee associated with them. We offer free return shipping!


How long will it take to re-size it?

Once your order has been received we will have one of our expert craftsman review the sizing and contact you with an estimated return date. Once the item is finished you will receive an e-mail with the tracking number.


Is your white gold rhodium plated?

Yes, all of our white gold is rhodium plated to give it that shiny bright white look.



Jaymark Jewelers Inc collects taxes on all orders shipped to addresses in New York State.


I can’t find what I want on your website but I live too far to get to your store, can you make it for me anyway?

YES! Contact us and we will set up a Skype appointment to discuss your project.


Repair FAQ

How long does it take to complete a repair?

Repair times are usually 7-10 business days. Any exception to this will be discussed during the repair intake. We try to stay flexible and are often able to accommodate shorter time frames. Let us know the situation and we can usually find a way to help.


Why does it take so long?

Jewelry is repaired by hand, even something seemingly “simple” like soldering a chain requires a multi-step process to ensure the repair is done correctly and will last. We have a busy workshop and promise to always finish work as quickly as fine quality craftsmanship allows.


How much is a ring sizing?

We can not give any prices, estimates, or price ranges over the phone or by e-mail. We must see the piece of jewelry in person before we can begin to inspect and quote a job. Please feel free to make an appointment to have us inspect your jewelry. After the inspection we will go over any and all suggested repairs and give you a price and discuss how long it will take.


If I have my Grandmother’s diamonds but I don’t like the pin/cocktail ring/giant gaudy necklace can you do something with them so I can wear them?

Yes! This is one of our absolute favorite things to do. We love to have you work with a designer to use what you already have to make something you can wear as often as you would like. The finished product always means so much more when it comes from family. Make an appointment and we can guarantee there is a designer waiting to help you.


I got a new ring and I need it sized, can you do it while I wait?

Yes! We size all of our own newly purchased pieces while you wait when you make an appointment. We never want you to be without your brand new bling! The first sizing is always free.

If the ring is not from Jaymark however, the company you purchased it from should size it for little or no charge the first time. If we size it we will void the warranty where you purchased it. If you still want our help we will do our best to accommodate your schedule but cannot guarantee it can be done while you wait.


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If you have any other questions please contact us via e-mail at atyourservice@jaymarkjewelers.com or phone 1-845-265-9246